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Win a Chance for a Free Pantry Share or Summer Grill Shave

Sign up for any 2014 share and pay in full by May 1 to be entered into a drawing for a free pantry share or grill share (your choice).

Summer Vegetable Shares are Back!

We have a limited number of summer shares available. 16 weeks of vegetables for pickup here at the farm from late June - October. Read More

Summer Grill Share Coming in June

Our summer grill share is tentatively scheduled for distribution the week of June 9. Organic ground beef, sausage and whole chickens for summer grilling!

Winter Shares Wrapped Up - Sign up for 2014

Our Winter Vegetable Shares have finished up for the season. We have shares for all seasons coming up including
  * Summer Grill Share (June, 2014)
  * Summer Vegetable Share (June - October, 2014)
  * Winter Vegetable Share (October, 2014 - March, 2015)
  * Fall/Winter Meat Share (December, 2014 & March, 2015)
  * Pantry Share (December, 2014)
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About The Farm

We are a small organic farm located in Alfred, Maine. We farm our 50 acre farm and also work with a collection of regional farms to supply food for winter vegetable, winter meat, summer vegetable, summer meat and pantry shares.